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Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)

The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) cultivates, educates, and inspires the student-led zero waste movement, informing students about the waste crisis and equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to implement solutions to waste in their campus communities.

PLAN was founded in 2013 by a group of college students. These students witnessed a systemic waste problem on their campus and developed the first student-led, financially self-sustaining, zero waste move-out program of its kind. Other campuses wanted to replicate the program and from there, PLAN was born.

Thanks to Student Sustainability Committtee (SSC) funding, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a PLAN member, which means you are a PLAN member as well! Follow these simple steps to access your membership:

  1. Visit
  2. Register using your email
  3. Confirm account in your inbox (make sure to check your “Spam” folder!)
  4. Log in and browse your newly available content!

Resources you can use as a member include:

Learn more about our campus’s PLAN membership and how you can get involved >>>

Poster displaying key points from the iCAP 2020 Engagement theme.

“At-a-glance” key points from the iCAP 2020 Engagement theme. Click for an enlarged version.

Engagement iCAP Team

Read iCAP 2020 Chapter 7: Engagement >>>

Want to get involved? View our Engagement Next Steps >>>

The Engagement Team was formed in Fall of 2020 to communicate and elevate campus awareness of iCAP objectives and sustainability best practices.

The team is composed of faculty members, staff, and students who work collaboratively to support and recommend specific actions relating to the iCAP objectives with a particular focus on outreach of campus and potentially community opportunities.

Team members aim to communicate and enhance an evolving culture of sustainability and work to promote programs, outreach events, and involvement opportunities. The hope is that every individual on campus is aware of the sustainability initiatives and our commitment to being as environmentally conscious as possible.

The Engagement Team welcomes the opportunity to discuss potential actions, policies, and project recommendations to improve our campuswide reach and knowledge base.

iCAP Topical Teams report annually on progress made toward Illinois Climate Action Plan objectives in their area of focus.


Current Team Members
  • Faculty: Joe Bradley, Clinical Assistant Professor of Bioengineering (2023-)
  • Faculty: Ozge Yenigun, Clinical Assistant Professor of Urban & Regional Planning (2023-)
  • Staff: Kathy Adams, Training and Development Specialist, Illinois Human Resources (2021-)
  • Staff: Brodie Dunn, Visiting Outreach Associate, UI Extension (2023-)
  • Staff: Qaim Naqvi, Program Director, Sustainability Living Learning Community (2023-)
  • Staff: Codie Sterner, Coordinator of Student Sustainability, Office of Student Engagement (2023-)
  • Student: Mika Lew, Undergraduate in Civil & Environmental Engineering (2022-) Read more about Mika >>>
  • Student: Maddie Yu, Undergraduate (2023-)
  • Clerk: Claire Keating, Undergraduate in Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences (2022-) (Email)
Former Team Members
  • Faculty: Keilin Jahnke, Teaching Assistant Professor, Grainger College of Engineering Technology Entrepreneur Center (2020-23)
  • Faculty: Shiba Kar, Assistant Dean, Illinois Extension; Program Leader, Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy (2021-23)
  • Faculty: Ann-Perry Witmer, Instructor, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2020-23) Read more about Ann’s prior service on the Education iCAP Team >>>
  • Staff: Dave Guth, Assistant Director for Facilities, Illini Union (2020-23)
  • Staff: Tim Knox, Assistant Director of Athletics, Capital Projects, and Facilities (2022-23)
  • Student: Kratika Tandon, Undergraduate in Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences and Political Science (2022-23) Read more about Kratika >>>
  • Student: Sophia Fox, Undergraduate in Earth, Society & Environmental Sustainability (2022-23) Read more about Sophia >>>
  • Faculty: Jie Hu, Clinical Professor of Landscape Architecture (2020-22)
  • Staff: Colleen Kling, Office Support Associate, Department of Communication (2021-22)
  • Staff: Sammy Yoo, Assistant Director, Student Sustainability Committee (2020-22)
  • Student: Maiah Caise, Undergraduate in Agricultural & Biological Engineering (2021-22) Read more about Maiah >>>
  • Student: Sonali Kumar, Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering (2021-22) Read more about Sonali >>>
  • Student: Kavya Mula, Undergraduate (2021-22)
  • Clerk: Alexa Smith, Undergraduate in Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences (2020-22) Read more about Alexa >>>
  • Staff: Kate Gardiner, Communications and Events Coordinator, Cooperative Extension Service (2020-21)
  • Student: Hiba Ahmed, Undergraduate in Marketing and Information Systems (2020-21)
  • Student: Fina Healy, Undergraduate in Agricultural & Biological Engineering (2020-21) Read more about Fina’s prior service on the Education SWATeam >>>
  • Student: Miranda Johnson, Undergraduate in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability (2020-21)
  • Faculty: Robert McKim (Co- Chair), Professor of Religion (2020) Read more about Robert’s prior service on the Zero Waste SWATeam >>>