Light bulbs turned off by volunteers through December 2021

Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent saved through December 2021

Dollars saved in energy bills through December 2021

Not in use? Turn off the juice!

iSEE’s Illini Lights Out (ILO) program demonstrates the immense energy-saving impact of simply turning off the lights when you leave a classroom, lab, or study space. On a few Friday nights each month, volunteers gather to form mini lights-out brigades and tour campus buildings recording how many lights are left on (and shutting off as many as they can, of course). Volunteering takes about an hour and a half, and there are always snacks afterward! Thanks to a grant from the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC), ILO has multiple events you can take part in each semester!

Fall 2021 wrap-up

Thanks to the fantastic Fall 2021 volunteers at our four dates during semester — 86 on Sept. 17; 185 on Oct. 22; 200+ on Nov. 12; and 122 on Dec. 3!

Dates for Spring 2022

iSEE’s six ILO events in Spring 2022, pending any COVID-19 protocol updates for campus.

The signup form is below — as is the link to our Facebook event page! Questions? Email us at

  • Jan. 28
  • Feb. 11
  • Feb. 25
  • March 25
  • April 8
  • April 29

About ILO

Illini Lights Out began as a one-off event organized by iSEE’s Energy Conservation and Building Standards SWATeam in Spring 2016 — at which students managed to turn out 1,500 lights in just 40 minutes — and expanded to a monthly happening during 2016-17 with the support of a grant from the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC).

Read more about the 2016-17 Illini Lights Out efforts.

Interested in a Lights Out event at your University? Email us at for tips and tricks on how to get started.


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