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iSEE Collaboratory & Media Lab

iSEE’s Collaboratory is a state-of-the-art learning and communications space designed to host University classes and meetings. It boasts the latest telecommunications technology and is fitted with multiple video and presentation screens. Reservations for semester-long courses, meetings, and events can be made by contacting iSEE directly at 


iSEE’s Media Lab, opened in 2019, was built to provide faculty, researchers, and students the opportunity to enhance their visual media portfolio. Working with the Media Lab Coordinator, the lab was designed to capture high-quality video and audio. Before booking the Media Lab, please review the Media Lab Policies and review the webpage to fully understand the technology’s capabilities.  

Media Lab PoliciesBook the Media Lab

Reserving the Media Lab

The Media Lab is a full-service video production studio complete with multiple cameras, a green screen, teleprompter, studio lighting, and audio recording equipment. It comfortably fits 1 -2 individuals on camera, and it has the capacity for up to 4 individuals in the studio when recording. Reservations are made with our Media Lab Coordinator, Adam Rahn, at Please review the Media Lab Policies and the reservations guidelines below before booking the space.

  • A request must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to your desired film date, but further advance notice is preferred.
  • We strive to respond within 2 business days of the form submission.
  • Weekend reservations are subject to staff availability and require 2 weeks’ advance notice.
  • Faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois are eligible to reserve iSEE’s Media Lab.

Reservation Schedule

This is a tentative breakdown of the time you should expect to spend in the Media Lab:

  • Pre-production: 15-30 minutes (including lighting, camera & mic setup, teleprompter, etc.)
  • Video Shoot: Dependent on length of reservation (plan ~5 minutes shooting time per minute of footage to allow for multiple takes)
  • Post-production/File Transfer: 15-45 minutes (dependent on amount of footage shot and processing to be rendered)

Reserving the Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is an innovative space created for a multitude of educational and research purposes. It’s available for daytime meetings, evening events, and classroom instruction. As a classroom, the space comfortably fits up to 40 individuals and can be arranged to the instructor’s precise needs. Depending on the event or meeting, the room can comfortably accommodate 40-50 individuals. Reservations are made directly with iSEE staff at 

  • A request must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to your desired meeting time, but further advance notice is preferred.
  • Weekend reservations are subject to staff availability and require 2 weeks’ advance notice.
  • Faculty wanting to use the space for a semester must work directly with iSEE staff to ensure long-term availability.
  • U of I faculty, staff, and students are eligible to reserve iSEE’s Collaboratory.

The Collaboratory and Media Lab were partially funded by Caterpillar, which matched a $500,000 gift from Illinois alumnus Stu Levenick and his wife Nancy, as well as by the Office of the Provost and the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC).

Media Lab Staff 

Adam Rahn

Adam Rahn

Media Lab Coordinator

Adam manages and runs the video production equipment in the Lab. He oversees all projects, trains staff, advises on Media Lab projects, and provides technology support to iSEE. 


National Soybean Research Center, third floor

       Collaboratory: Suite 337

       Media Lab: Suite 351

1101 W. Peabody Drive, Urbana, IL 61801

Office Hours: By appointment only

Collaboratory email: 

Media Lab email: