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Greener Events. Greener Illinois.

Get Certified

1. Select a Green Team Leader

It helps to have one person take the lead. Identify someone from your event team who can handle communicating with iSEE and developing a plan to green your event.

2. Create a Green Event Plan

Go through the checklist below and identify what steps you plan to implement. If you need help with anything, just drop us a line at


3. Submit Your Plan

Once you’ve identified the steps you plan to take and a method for taking them, complete the form online and we’ll get you certified! Click here for the form >>>

Congratulations! Your event is now Certified Green!

Here to Help: Tutorials, Hints & Tips

iSEE is developing a detailed resource guide to help you green your event. In the meantime, please feel free to email us at if you have any questions!

You could be our first Certified Green Event!


Certified Green Event Credits

You have the power to reduce the environmental impact of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Certified Green Event Program offers a number of different ways to green your event. All you have to do is integrate at least four of the actions below into your event!

  • Encourage carpooling for out-of-town attendees and provide information about lower-carbon ways to travel (e.g. rail instead of flying)
  • Offer teleconference opportunities for attendees to participate remotely
  • Offer at least one vegetarian or vegan option at all event meals
  • Go paperless and offer the conference program online
  • Use paper with recycled content for any printed materials
  • Ensure recycling bins are available at the event location
  • Reduce waste through encouraging people to bring their own reusable mugs and/or offering them to attendees as a promotional item
  • Communicate ways the event is sustainable via signage or other means