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Illinois Sustainability Calendar

This is your one-stop shop for sustainability-, energy-, and environment-related events on campus. This calendar gets updated frequently, so bookmark it and check back often! We also encourage you to submit suggested events to this calendar.

Annual Events and Conferences

A list of large staple events supported by iSEE held every year on the Illinois campus and beyond.

The Institute’s major event each year is iSEE Congress.

Additionally, iSEE hosts Critical Conversations, open forums to discuss the world’s grand sustainability challenges.

iSEE has supported annual symposia/workshops by its Crops in silico research team since 2016 and supported a 2019 kickoff for its DOE-funded Next-Generation Feedstocks project team, which hosted the Switchgrass V Conference.

Lectures, Seminars, Symposia & Colloquia

A list of learning events hosted by iSEE and other campus units — including the annual Keeling Lecture as well as a MillerComm Lecture. These may be one-time offerings or regularly occurring events.

Campus & Community Efforts

Under its function as a leader in campus sustainability, the Institute continues to help sponsor and/or encourage participation in other campus and community efforts, including Earth Month and Sustainability Week as well as Recyclemania events, the UC EnergyStar Challenge, the Eco-Olympics and more.