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iSEE Faculty Directors

Evan H. DeLucia, Baum Family Director
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Evan >>>

Madhu Khanna, Associate Director for Research
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 372 (NSRC), Urbana
View Madhu’s Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics page >>>
Read more about Madhu’s 2018 role change at iSEE >>>

Ximing Cai, Associate Director for Campus Sustainability
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 368 (NSRC), Urbana
View Ximing’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering page >>>
Read more about Ximing’s 2017 hiring at iSEE >>>

Gillen D’Arcy Wood, Associate Director for Education and Outreach
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 370 (NSRC), Urbana
View Gillen’s Department of English page >>>
Read more about Gillen’s 2018 hiring at iSEE >>>


iSEE Staff

Jenny Kokini, Managing Director
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC), Urbana

Morgan White, Associate Director of Facilities & Services (F&S), Sustainability
Facilities & Services
Read more about Morgan >>>

Elizabeth Murphy, Proposal Developer / Program Manager, Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI)
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 336 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Elizabeth >>>

John Pirtle, Proposal Developer / Financial Specialist
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 340 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about John >>>

Amy Rosenbery, Business Administrative Associate
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Amy >>>

Traci Quigg Thomas, Crops in silico Grant Program Manager
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 336 (NSRC), Urbana


Laura Schultz, Senior Campus Sustainability Intern

Valerie Ramirez, Campus Sustainability Intern

Vince Spagnola, Campus Sustainability Intern

Taylor Holin, SWATeam Clerk (ECBS, EGEN)

Julija Sakutyte, SWATeam Clerk (TR, PWR)

Colleen Williams, SWATeam Clerk (ALUFS, WSW)


Contact the Interns
1101 W. Peabody Drive, Suites 338 and 353 (NSRC), Urbana
Phone: 217-333-4178

Get in touch with our office:

1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC)
Urbana, IL 61801



Want to Book our Collaboratory i-Flex Classroom/Meeting/Collaboration Space or Media Lab?

View potential availability for the classroom/meeting/collaboration space (Room 337 NSRC) and for the media lab (Room 351 NSRC) on the online calendar >>>

Request a booking for the classroom/meeting/collaboration space by emailing

Request more information about the media lab by emailing



iSEE Communications Staff

Tony Mancuso, Communications and Public Affairs Director
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 356 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Tony >>>

Jordan Goebig, Communications Specialist
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 355 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Jordan >>>

Adam Rahn, Media Lab Coordinator
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 351 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Adam >>>

Communications Interns

Jenna Kurtzweil, Q Magazine Volume 2 Fall Editor

Taylor Jennings, Writing Intern

Chloe Rice, Writing Intern

Samantha Roberson, Social Media Intern

McKenzie Colyer, Website Intern

April Wendling, Writing Intern (starting fall 2019)

Grace O’Malley, Social Media Intern (starting fall 2019)

Media Requests

iSEE is home to dozens of experts on a wide range of sustainability-, energy-, and environment-related topics.

Contact information for professors, staff, and students working on campus sustainability efforts and engaged in sustainability research can be found throughout our website. If you’re not sure who you need to talk to, send us an email using the form below (or at, and we’ll point you in the right direction.


Outreach or Communications Requests

iSEE staff members are available to help you with your sustainability outreach or communications needs, either through direct assistance or by connecting you with people or resources that may be of service. Please complete our online form, and one of our staff will be in touch soon >>>

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