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iSEE Directors, Faculty

Madhu Khanna, Alvin H. Baum Family Chair & Director
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC), Urbana
217-333-4178 (iSEE); 217-333-5176 (ACE)
View Madhu’s Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics page >>>
Read the July 2022 announcement of her new role >>>
Read Madhu’s introductory statement as Interim Director in 2020 >>>

Jeremy Guest, Associate Director for Research
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 372 (NSRC), Urbana
View Jeremy’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering page >>>
Read an announcement of Jeremy’s hiring as Acting AD for Research >>>
Read a Q&A with Jeremy about his new position >>>

Jennifer Fraterrigo, Associate Director for Campus Sustainability
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 368 (NSRC), Urbana
View Jennifer’s Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences page >>>
Read more about Jennifer’s 2022 hiring at iSEE >>>
Read a Q&A with Jennifer about her new position >>>

Luis Rodríguez, Associate Director for Education & Outreach
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 370 (NSRC), Urbana
View Luis’s Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering page >>>
Read more about Luis’s 2021 hiring at iSEE >>>
Read a Q&A with Luis about his new position >>>

Gillen D’Arcy Wood, Director of Certificate in Environmental Writing, Q Magazine Editor
608 S. Wright St. (317B English Building), Urbana
View Gillen’s Department of English page >>>
Read more about Gillen’s 2018 hiring at iSEE >>>

Jeffrey Brawn, NRES Levenick Chair in Sustainability Leadership
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 388 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Jeff being named the Levenick Chair >>>
Read about his 2021 investiture >>>


A profile of Evan H. DeLucia, iSEE’s Founding Director (2013-2020) >>>

His thank-you note as he stepped down on Aug. 31, 2020 >>>


iSEE Staff

Elizabeth Murphy, Managing Director
Deputy Director of Research Strategy & Management, Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI)
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC), Urbana
Her January 2021 promotion announcement >>>
Read more about Elizabeth >>>

Morgan White, Associate Director of Facilities & Services (F&S), Sustainability
Facilities & Services
Read more about Morgan >>>

Heidi Leerkamp, Proposal Development Lead
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 336 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Heidi >>>

Nancy Berkman, Senior Proposal Developer / Financial Specialist
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 340 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Nancy >>>

Sarah Gerth, Proposal Developer / Financial Specialist
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 354 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Sarah >>>

Eric Green, Senior Academic Program Instructor/Advisor;
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 386 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Eric >>>

Amy Rosenbery, Business Administrative Associate
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Amy >>>

Michelle Marquart, Events and Client Relations Coordinator
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 354 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Michelle >>

Anya Knecht, U.S. DOE Grants Program Manager, IRAI Assistant Director for Operations
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 354 (NSRC), Urbana

Basia Latawiec, Research Coordinator;
Project Manager, USDA SCAPES (Agrivoltaics) 
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 338 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Basia >>>

Traci Quigg Thomas, Crops in silico Grant Program Manager
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 338 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Traci >>>

TBA, Sustainability Programs Coordinator
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 382 (NSRC), Urbana
Phone TBA
Email TBA


Paul Gharzouzi, Graduate Educational Research Intern
Read more about Paul in our 2022 Grad Student Appreciation Week story >>>

Adina Avalos, Campus Sustainability Intern

Natalie Carlisle, Campus Sustainability Intern

Laney Collier, Campus Sustainability Intern

Megan Hanebuth, iCAP Team Clerk (Education, Land & Water)

Claire Keating, iCAP Team Clerk (Engagement, Resilience)

Trey McCallister, iCAP Team Clerk (Energy)

Olivia Messerges, iCAP Team Clerk (Transportation)

Olivia Pazerunas, iCAP Team Clerk (Zero Waste)


Contact the Interns
1101 W. Peabody Drive, Suites 338 and 353 (NSRC), Urbana
Phone: 217-333-4178

Get in touch with our office:

1101 W. Peabody, Suite 350 (NSRC)
Urbana, IL 61801



Want to Book our Collaboratory i-Flex Classroom/Meeting/Collaboration Space or Media Lab?

View potential availability for the classroom/meeting/collaboration space (Room 337 NSRC) and for the media lab (Room 351 NSRC) on the online calendar >>>

Request a booking for the classroom/meeting/collaboration space by emailing

Request more information about the media lab by emailing



iSEE Communications Staff

Tony Mancuso, Communications and Public Affairs Director
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 356 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Tony >>>

Julie Wurth, Communications Specialist
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 355 (NSRC), Urbana
Read more about Julie >>>

Mark Herman, Media Lab Coordinator
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 351 (NSRC), Urbana
Phone TBA
Read more about Mark >>>

April Wendling, Communications Specialist
1101 W. Peabody, Suite 355 (NSRC), Urbana
Phone TBA
Read more about April >>>


Communications Interns

Gabe Lareau, Writing Intern

Tori Lawlor, Social Media Intern

Sam Linares, Social Media Intern

Erin Minor, Writing Intern, Q Magazine Student Editor

Lucy Nifong, Writing Intern

Kratika Tandon, General Communications Intern
Read more about Kratika >>>

Anjali Yedavalli, Writing Intern


Media Requests

iSEE is home to dozens of experts on a wide range of sustainability-, energy-, and environment-related topics.

Contact information for professors, staff, and students working on campus sustainability efforts and engaged in sustainability research can be found throughout our website. If you’re not sure who you need to talk to, send us an email using the form below (or at, and we’ll point you in the right direction.


Outreach or Communications Requests

iSEE staff members are available to help you with your sustainability outreach or communications needs, either through direct assistance or by connecting you with people or resources that may be of service. Please complete our online form, and one of our staff will be in touch soon >>>


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