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The iCAP Working Group met May 3, 2019.

iCAP Working Group

As part of the Campus Sustainability Procedures approved in June 2014, the Illinois Climate Action Plan Working Group (iWG) was formed. It is made up of representatives from major stakeholder groups across campus, and it has been tasked with a) reviewing Working Advisory Team recommendations and transmitting them to the related units or the Sustainability Council, as appropriate; b) reviewing progress toward goals set forth in the iCAP; and c) coordinating and compiling a new iCAP every five years. The iWG will lead development of the 2020 iCAP.

The 2020-21 iWG members:

  • Ximing Cai (Co-Chair), Associate Director for Campus Sustainability, representing iSEE (Email)
  • Morgan White (Co-Chair), Associate Director of Facilities & Services (F&S), Sustainability (Email)
  • Matthew Tomaszewski, Executive Associate Provost for Capital Planning, representing the Office of the Provost
  • John Dallesasse, Chair of Senate Committee on Campus Operations, representing the Academic Senate
  • Marcus Jackson, Director of Campus Recreation, representing campus auxiliaries
  • Qu Kim, Director of Facilities, Engineering Administration, representing the community of college-level facility managers
  • Sandy Yoo, Architect & Assistant Director, Capital Programs Administration, representing the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS)
  • Creen Ahmad, Undergraduate Student in Crop Sciences, Illinois Student Government Environmental Sustainability Committee Chair
  • Joe Edwards, Graduate Student, Chair of the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC)
  • Joey Kreiling, Undergraduate Student, President of the Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC)
  • Jonah Messinger, Undergraduate Student, Vice President of the the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC)
  • Meredith Moore (Secretary), iSEE Sustainability Programs Coordinator (Email)


For the Record: iWG Meeting Minutes, Agendas & More

All iWG meetings agendas and minutes — as well as SWATeam and other recommendations that have passed through the Group to and from academic units, the Sustainability Council, and upper administration — may be found on the iCAP Portal >>>