iCAP Topical Teams

In collaboration with Facilities & Services, iSEE established teams consisting of faculty, staff, and students to examine the six broad themes within the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP).

Among their duties, the iCAP Topical Teams, formerly called Sustainability Working Advisory Teams (SWATeams) will recommend concrete steps the campus and community should take to meet its iCAP targets, as well as developing suggested revisions and updates to the iCAP. You can read the Fall 2020 charge letters from iSEE here >>>

Each team has faculty members (one serving as chair), staff members, and students — and the Resilience team also includes members from local government and other pertinent entities. An iSEE intern serves each team as a “clerk” for the group.

The teams may constitute Consultation Groups of faculty, staff, students, and community members with expertise in all areas encompassed by their topic. Teams select Consultation Group members, based on consultations with iSEE staff and/or self-nominations from prospective participants, and they will consult with members of the Consultation Group in formal meetings and/or informally as they deem appropriate.

The teams: