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FEBRUARY 2024: NSF Sustainable Regional Systems Research Networks

The National Science Foundation's Sustainable Regional Systems Research Networks is a program to support fundamental convergent research, education, and outreach that addresses engineering, chemistry, biology, geosciences, mathematics, statistics, environmental, data, computational, education, and social, behavioral, and economic sciences of sustainable regional systems in partnerships that may embrace universities, colleges, federal, state, and local governments, tribal communities, non-governmental and international bodies, non-profit organizations, industry, practitioners, and other community groups. 

  • Award Size: Up to $15,000,000
  • Duration: Five years
  • Due Date: May 15, 2024
  • Additional Requirements: Proposals must include either/or ...
    1. If the team of core organizations include academic organizations, then at least one must be a university or college that serves populations of students historically underrepresented in STEM. To qualify as a core partner organization, there must be financial support for a minimum of three faculty members participating in the SRS RN along with financial support for a minimum of three students.
    2. A core partner, such as a community group, a non-profit, or other group/organization that supports an underrepresented community within the scope of the proposed research project. To qualify as a core partner organization, they must be allocated a minimum of 10% of the total budget request for the entire SRS RN.

Full Solicitation: https://new.nsf.gov/funding/opportunities/sustainable-regional-systems-research-networks-srs/nsf24-533/solicitation

If researchers are interested and pursuing this opportunity, have an interdisciplinary team (at least two campus units), and iSEE can support this endeavor (including helping bring an interdisciplinary team together, business office support, etc.), please reach out to Heidi Leerkamp to discuss the ways iSEE can support your team and proposal development.

AUGUST 2023: DOE Carbon Negative Shot

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has outlined its intent to publish a series of Carbon Negative Shot (CNS)-aligned funding opportunities focused on supporting the advancement and maturation of a suite of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. This CNS Notice of Intent outlines multiple program interests that aim to support the development and commercialization of CDR technologies and collectively enable the Department’s CNS target of gigaton-scale deployment for less than $100 per net metric ton of CO2-equivalent within the decade.

If you are interested in pursuing either of these opportunities, please each out to Heidi Leerkamp to discuss the ways iSEE can support your team and proposal development.

Agency: DOE

Program: DE-FOA-0003082 – Carbon Negative Shot Pilots (expected release date of early FY24) 

  • Includes four (4) anticipated Areas of Interest (AOIs) related to: o Small Biomass Pilots, Small Mineralization Pilots, Small Marine CDR Pilots, and Multi-Pathway CDR Testbeds. 

Other intended funding opportunities and prize tracks include: 

  • Direct Air Capture (DAC) Pilot Prize § (expected release date late FY23) 
  • CDR Purchase Prize § (expected release date late FY23) 
  • Regional Direct Air Capture Hubs § (expected release of additional FOA(s) in FY24/25 and beyond) 
  • Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) for CDR § (expected release date FY24) 
  • DE-FOA-0002614 – Carbon Management: CDR Technology Research and Development § (expected release date FY24)

Full NOI >>>