Meet Zishen Ye

Meet Zishen Ye, an Urban Planning and Political Science major and member of the Transportation SWATeam.

Ye is also the undergraduate student representative for the Campus Transportation Committee as well as the Transportation Working Group Chair of the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC).

He first heard about the SWATeam through his work with SSC and his studies in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

“Cathy Liebowitz, the coordinator of SSC, told me about the possibility of joining the SWATeam, and I was excited to be able to contribute what I have learned here to the work of the SWATeam,” Ye said.

As a member, Ye hopes to make sustainable transportation options more accessible around campus, which will help the University of Illinois meet its emission goals.

“Enabling access to more sustainable commuting options would inspire the students to be more concerned with the environment and make our campus more environmentally friendly,” Ye said.


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