Meet Sebastian Vega

Meet Sebastian Vega, a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering and a member of the 2023-2024 Transportation iCAP Team. 

Vega initially learned about the iCAP teams through his membership with the 2022-2023 GFX Global Sustainability Scholars program. After working with iSEE during the Spring 2023 semester for his sustainability project, he was searching for ways to get more involved with the Institute.

His decision to join the Transportation iCAP Team arose from his interest in biking, both as a hobby and for the promotion of sustainable travel. Additionally, Vega was intrigued by the science behind some of the “greener” solutions that are being implemented on campus, such as sustainable fuels and pavement materials. 

Since he stepped foot on campus, Vega has felt motivated to make his own impact on university sustainability. Thus, he considers the opportunity to create wide-scale, tangible change to be the most rewarding aspect of working with iCAP teams. 

Vega is most interested in getting involved with the intersection of environmental policy, local advocacy, and project management while learning from professionals in this variety of areas. Through this role, he hopes to eventually create and lead his own project/initiative. Vega aims to expand his understanding of sustainable development in a community while advancing his ability to integrate sustainability into projects — particularly those that are engineering oriented.

In his free time, Vega enjoys playing soccer and basketball, going to the gym, and biking. Additionally, he likes to read, play chess, and travel. On campus, he is involved with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Illinois Enactus.

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— Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon