Meet Olivia Messerges

Meet Olivia Messerges, a senior studying Agricultural and Consumer Economics with minors in Legal Studies and iSEE’s Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Fellows Program (SEE FP). Additionally, Messerges works for iSEE as the Transportation iCAP Team clerk. 

Messerges was introduced to this role through Eric Green, SEE FP advisor, who shared the application in class. With her background in sustainable transportation through her internship with the Village of Schaumburg Transportation Department, Messerges figured this would be the perfect opportunity.

During her internship, Messerges worked to promote sustainable transportation through bicycle path improvements and electric vehicle charging stations. She understands the sheer amount of greenhouse gas emissions that the transportation sector releases, but is excited to take on the challenge of reducing campus’s transportation carbon footprint.

Messerges is most excited to learn more about the experts from her iCAP team who also share a passion for sustainable transportation. She is curious to see what they have accomplished thus far and looks forward to building on the existing framework to advance the iCAP objectives. 

She hopes to motivate the movement of sustainable transportation on campus. Above all, however, Messerges’ goal is to foster a community of dedicated faculty, staff, and students who are passionate about meeting and exceeding the goals set forth by the iCAP.

In her free time, Messerges enjoys going on long hikes, working out at the gym, and cooking pescetarian recipes.

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Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon