Meet Manying Zhang

Manying Zhang is a senior studying Civil and Environmental Engineering.

One of Zhang’s favorite parts of being a student at the University of Illinois is that there is a project, club, or volunteer opportunity for everyone. Because of this, Zhang used her passion for the environment to volunteer on the Zero Waste SWATeam.

“Since I participated in a very similar project before, I think it is a good chance to continue and learn more about sustainability. And I feel responsible for finding ways of solving environmental problems,” she said.

During her time with the SWATeam, Zhang hopes to make sustainability a norm around campus.

“As part of the SWATeam, I hope we can raise everyone’s awareness of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. And I hope being sustainable would become a tradition of the university in the future,” she said.

Outside of volunteering and school, Zhang enjoys hiking and taking pictures. She is currently learning to play bass.


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