Meet Sophia Fox: Engagement at All Levels

Meet Sophia Fox, a senior completing her Bachelor of Science in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability with minors in Business and Spanish. She is one of the newest members of the U of I’s Engagement iCAP team.

Fox’s interest in iCAP teams was sparked when a student in one of her classes mentioned the opportunity. She reached out for further information, and knew that it would be a perfect fit. She is passionate about the idea that if more people are involved and actively working toward a sustainable future, we will be able to reach that goal faster and more efficiently.

Fox really appreciates the engagement of each of the teams at all levels since each team has students, faculty, and staff associates collaborating to reach the best possible end goal. She strives to accomplish all of the goals set by her team, as well as by the overall iCAP.

She also hopes to gain a strong sense of community within sustainability, and involve as many people as she possibly can.

In her free time, Fox likes to go on walks, take naps, and watch TV shows like “Modern Family” and “Parks and Recreation.”

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— Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon