Meet Shannon Anderson: Engaging with Climate-Forward Energy Solutions

Meet Shannon Anderson, a graduate student currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, and a member of the Energy Sustainability Working Advisory Team (SWATeam). 

Her involvement with SWATeams began when she was researching the various climate initiatives that were present at the University. As she came across the teams, she was drawn into iSEE’s campus sustainability program because she especially enjoyed the collaborative setup of the organization.

Anderson is passionate about engaging with climate-forward energy solutions and is studying the transition to renewable energy across the state of Illinois for her graduate thesis. For these reasons, she specifically was interested in joining the Energy team.

She is most excited about the prospect of actual developments being implemented within the University at the teams’ suggestions. Anderson hopes to make a tangible difference, as she knows it’s possible to create large-scale change at one of the nation’s most populous universities. Anderson looks forward to engaging with experts on campus and within the community to learn more about how energy initiatives and the transitions look in practice.

“It’s great to be having important dialogues with like-minded people, who understand the importance of addressing climate change through the pursuit of carbon neutrality, ” she says. 

In her free time, Anderson loves hiking, camping, and knitting socks.


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— Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon