Meet Olivia Pazerunas

Meet Olivia Pazerunas, a final-year undergraduate student studying Agricultural & Consumer Economics with a minor in Food and Environmental Systems. Pazerunas is employed by iSEE as the Zero Waste iCAP Team Clerk for 2023-24. 

Pazerunas learned about the iCAP teams through a former team member and decided to join because she was highly interested in the work done by iSEE. She believes that waste reduction is crucial, especially at a large institution like the University of Illinois, which is what led her to work with the Zero Waste team. 

Her favorite aspect of working with the iCAP teams is the opportunity for collaboration with like-minded students, professors, and other professionals in the field. She considers it an incredible learning experience. 

Pazerunas’ goal is to “implement practices that can make our campus cleaner and less wasteful, and make us as green as other innovative campuses across the country.” 

Whenever she has spare time, Pazerunas loves to read and garden.

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— Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon