Meet Katie Jaszczurowski

Meet Kathryn (Katie) Jaszczurowski, a sophomore studying Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences and a member of the U of I’s 2023-24 Education iCAP Team.

Jaszczurowski was first introduced to this opportunity through Students for Environmental Concerns. As soon as she learned about the team and its objectives, she immediately knew she wanted to be involved and reached out to join.

Jaszczurowski chose to become a member of the Education Team because she believes that education is the first step in making a community more sustainable and environmentally responsible. If community members are not aware of a problem or its solutions, how can they be expected to solve it?

“The more people we reach, the closer we get to a more sustainable future,” she says.

She is most enthusiastic about working to develop and propose new recommendations to encourage community members to incorporate sustainability practices into their everyday lives. Through this position, Jaszczurowski aims to reach many individuals across the campus community and to help students learn the importance of sustainability on small and large scales. She also hopes to assist with the creation of a mandatory sustainability education workshop for all university students.

Along with sustainability initiatives, Jaszczurowski is also passionate about dance and is a member of the Illini ‘N Motion Dance Team. She has been a dancer for 14 years — for her, performing with this group is an amazing way to continue doing something she loves. Additionally, Jaszczurowski is a big Marvel fan and enjoys watching movies in her free time.

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— Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon