Meet Carol Strohbeck

carol-strohbeckCarol Strohbeck is the Assistant Director of Dining Services Equipment & Facilities. As a 26-year veteran of Housing Dining Services, she knows how food is handled on this campus better than anyone. Currently, she works closely with Housing Facilities Maintenance to coordinate the repairs of malfunctioning equipment and with Housing Facilities Planning on renovation and remodeling projects.

Decreasing food waste and reducing the amount of water used to process the food waste are areas in which she’d like to see progress. Dining services has installed aerobic digesters to eliminate food waste, but campuswide, she says, a large-scale anaerobic digester is necessary to process all organic wastes and produce a usable source of energy.

For Carol, seeing ideas come to fruition is immensely rewarding, especially when it can be challenging to get funding and move projects through the many permissions and approvals leading to direct action.

During her time on the Agriculture, Land Use, Food, and Sequestration SWATeam, she wants to have marked impact on the environment by developing practical and realistic solutions that are achievable — because sometimes the tricks that work at home don’t work on a campus this big!

“We have to set the example for our students, our future leaders and pioneers,” she said. And she’s hopeful we can do it.


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