Meet Richard Langlois

LangloisRJRichard Langlois is a Senior E-Learning Professional with Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES). The University of Illinois graduate has been a professional with his alma mater for the last 28 years. In his current position, he is an audio-video and photography producer. He conducts video production training and acts as an educational technology consultant to faculty, staff, and students.

Richard was invited to join the Transportation SWATeam because he is a leader within the bicycle advocacy community and has an aptitude for and interest in community transportation planning and design.

“Just being part of the team is great,” he says, adding that the group has a positive atmosphere.

Richard thinks the greatest challenge the SWATeams face is changing the minds and routines of those who can grant funds to make change.

“The U of I is a big ship that takes a long time to turn,” he says, but it WILL turn. He knows that leadership in sustainability is important to the campus — and hopes that the dedication of faculty, students, and staff will provide strength needed to get people “unstuck” from their inaction on climate change.

To all members of the campus community, he gives this advice: Think globally, and act locally.


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