Meet Yu-Feng Forrest Lin

Meet Yu-Feng Forrest Lin, Director at the Illinois Water Resources Center (IWRC) and a member of our Energy Generation, Purchasing, and Distribution SWATeam.

Lin works as a Hydrogeologist at the Illinois State Geological Survey, a Division of the Prairie Research Institute. He’s also the Associate Director at the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program, a Clinical Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and a Research Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

Lin originally got involved with his SWATeam while working on geothermal projects that he started in 2016. As a member, he hopes to reach iCAP’s net zero emissions goal before 2050 by enhancing geothermal energy applications on campus. He says that this aspect of sustainability is especially important to him because of its potential to reduce the impacts of climate change.


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