Meet Syd Trimble: Accomplishing Effective Waste Initiatives

Sydney (Syd) Trimble is a fifth-year student completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. She is a member of iSEE’s Zero Waste SWATeam. 

Trimble was able to get involved with the SWATeams by working as a Waste Management Intern at Facilities & Services and collaborating closely with iSEE’s Sustainability Programs Manager Meredith Moore. She hopes to go into the waste management industry and thought it would be fitting to join this specific team.

She is incredibly interested in working on campuswide waste reduction projects and hopes to accomplish more effective waste initiatives that will engage all community members. She would love to see campus clean-up events implemented more regularly and reuse happening more often among campus entities. 

In her free time, Trimble likes to craft from natural items. She also likes to challenge herself to cook dishes from scratch to appreciate them more. She can also be found outside doing trash walks around her neighborhood whenever she feels stressed, bored, or just needs a quick break. 

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— Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon