Meet Sowmiya Raju

Meet Sowmiya Raju, a senior in Global Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) and a student clerk for the Energy and Resilience SWATeams.

The Energy SWATeam’s goal is to work toward net-zero GHG emissions through the use of renewable energy and energy conservation.

“Our team’s goals are important because they are an aspect of sustainability that touches millions of lives, and that everyone can play a role in,” Raju said. “It is also a part of sustainability that many aspects of environmental injustice are rooted in.”

Raju became involved with the SWATeams because she wanted to become more involved in campus sustainability efforts: “I want to contribute to campus sustainability, spread
knowledge of on-campus efforts, and serve as the bridge between the student body and iSEE,” she said.

In addition to her SWATeam duties, Raju is the Art Chair at the Green Observer; she is also pursuing a minor in Art and Design.

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