Meet Neal Shannon

Neal Shannon is a senior in the College of Agricultural and Consumer Economics (ACES) studying Finance in Agribusiness. In addition to iSEE’s Sustainability, Energy and Environment Fellows Program (SEE FP), he also has minors in Business and Environmental Economics.

Shannon’s father was an engineering professor here at the University, and his work on a water resource technology program was what sparked Shannon’s interest in sustainability. Although he is pursuing a business-focused degree, Shannon felt that the SEE FP would help to incorporate environmental sciences into his education.

He says he hopes to “make an impact in business and economic sustainability, and help optimize humanity’s future on Earth.”

So far, his favorite class in the program has been Earth Resources Sustainability, ESE 445, because it broadened his knowledge on the variety of sustainable resources and the issues and controversies that surround them — in a way that is approachable for non-science majors.

Shannon said he would recommend the minor to any students that have an interest in preserving nature, as it provides the foundational knowledge for environmental topics of their choosing.

“(You’re able to) practice techniques actually used in the newly emerging and growing field of sustainability,” he said.

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