Meet Macie Sinn

Meet Macie Sinn, the Transportation Clerk at Facilities & Services on the University of Illinois campus and a member of the Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling SWATeam.

She arrived at the University of Illinois in Fall 2010 to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Sinn was hired as a Research Coordinator in a Neurocognitive Kinesiology laboratory where she worked on various studies looking at the correlations between cognition, physical activity, and nutrition. Two years into her position, Sinn began her Master of Recreation, Sports, and Tourism and graduated with honors in May of 2018. That August, she started her new role as the Transportation Clerk at Facilities and Services.

Sinn’s responsibilities as Transportation Clerk are spread out through five departments, including Waste Management. It was there that she met Morgan White, the Director of Sustainability at Facilities and Services, and became involved in the PWR SWATeam.

“Our goal is to implement a Zero Waste movement to maximize recycling and minimize waste, as well as use products that can be reused or recycled,” Sinn said. “Overall, we would like to eventually eliminate the need for landfills and be able to reuse and recycle all products.”

Sinn also hopes to understand sustainability and the efforts currently being made so she can help educate others on campus and in the community.

“Recycling will help reduce landfill sites and pollution, as well as preserve our natural environment as a whole,” she said. “We live on this Earth, so let’s all do our part in making sure it is the best place for us all!”


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