Meet Leon Liebenberg

Image result for Leon Liebenberg illinoisLeon Liebenberg is a Teaching Associate Professor in the Mechanical Science & Engineering Department. Currently, he teaches ME 270, TAM 335, and ME 470.

As a member of the Zero Waste SWATeam, he hopes to achieve zero waste on campus by 2050 or sooner.

“If we can solve things at the local level (zero waste), it will help us to achieve similar objectives at global level,” he said.

Because of his love for interacting with students and passion for sustainability, volunteering on a SWATeam is perfect for him.

“I am passionate about education for sustainability and also want to actively contribute to help transform the campus to a sustainable one,” Liebenberg said.

Before coming to the University of Illinois, he held many positions, including First Lieutenant of the South African Navy, Project Engineer, Project Leader, Professor, and Education Consultant.


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