Meet Julia Marsaglia: Making a Significant Impact

Julia Marsaglia is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability with minors in English and Chemistry. She is also a member of the Land and Water SWATeam. 

Marsaglia got involved with the SWATeams after hearing about their work through the Student Sustainability Committees and decided to reach out. The “water” part of the Land and Water SWATeam intrigues her the most, since there are “so many different ways to approach water as an environmentalist, and the approaches can change so drastically … yet at the same time it’s all interconnected.”

Since this is her first year working with the team, Marsaglia is incredibly excited that she can make a tangible difference on campus. She hopes to apply the concepts and values that she’s learned from classes and other environmental organizations to this team. 

In her free time, Marsaglia enjoys reading, playing soccer, trying out different recipes, and spending time with her cats.

Her goal is to make a significant impact within the community, specifically in terms of stormwater issues. She hopes of turning Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) promises into a reality for the not-so-distant future.

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— Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon