Meet Gus Lackner: Nurturing the Good

Gus Lackner is a first-year undergraduate student double-majoring in Economics and Chemistry. He is also one of the newest members of the Transportation SWATeam. 

After seeing the display set up on Quad Day 2021, Lackner decided he wanted to get involved with the iCAP process. He claims that while some Registered Student Organizations focus on destructive methods to achieve iCAP goals, he would rather “nurture the good.” The idea of designing improvements is his favorite aspect of being involved with the team.

He decided the Transportation team was his best fit due to a number of reasons. Biking has always been a part of Lackner’s life, which correlates with the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Objective 3.4.2, but his interest goes beyond a fondness for the iCAP subjects. He has a professional interest in the vehicle electrification movement and stays caught up with the subject’s news. Most importantly, he cares about the environment.

“When I look at climate change logically, it is clear that the tremendous societal costs … demand action,” he said. 

This opportunity is one that finally allows him to engage with this issue actively, rather than passively. Simply put, he hopes to “get things done.” He wishes to improve the efficacy of their plans so implementation is smooth.

Lackner considers himself an explorer. He enjoys traveling to new places — especially running, camping, and biking. He also enjoys “exploring ideas,” as you often might be able to find him poring over an obscure book.

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Article by iSEE Communications Intern Kratika Tandon