Meet Andrea Martinez Gonzalez

Andrea Martinez Gonzalez is a second-year graduate student studying Communication and a member of our Energy Conservation and Building Standards SWATeam.

Being a SWATeam member is a way for her to apply her communication, persuasion, and campaigning skills to projects she cares about — all while learning along the way.

Andrea believes partaking in sustainable actions is an “invaluable service to the campus, local, and global communities,” she said.

As a newer member of the ECBS SWATeam, Andrea has already learned a lot. She’s excited to work on measurable campaign-oriented changes that motivate students to model energy-saving behaviors.

Above all, Gonzalez welcomes challenge.

“This campus has an innovation-focused identity, but it is large, complex, and habits are hard to change,” she said. Because of this, she anticipates behavior change at a big university to be difficult, but worth it.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys running, cycling, and boxing.


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