Meet Allen Parrish

Meet Allen Parrish, Director of Crop Sciences Research and Education Centers (REC) and member of the Land & Water SWATeam.

“My position helps implement the Department of Crop Science’s long-term goals for the farms and making improvements to the farms that will benefit our research programs,” Parrish said.

Prior to taking over the REC Director duties in 2018, he worked for a local seed company, and before that, he worked at the University of Illinois in bioenergy research.

Parrish joined the Land & Water SWATeam because it aligned well with his own work and interests. One of his favorite things about being a part of a SWATeam is collaborating with others who share a common vision for the future of sustainability. He aspires to assist in the sustainability goals the campus has set while also maintaining research quality.

“I hope we can demonstrate the value of regenerative farming and find innovative solutions that compliment farm operations,” he said. “I think it is always important to consider our actions on future generations.  We should always strive to make the world a better place and leave something better off than what we started with.”


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