Meet Marcy Wright

WrightMarcy Wright is a Contract Administrator in the Strategic Procurement division of the Office of Business and Financial Services. The three University of Illinois campus buy A LOT of stuff — from pens and paper to desks and electronics — and she meets with vendors and campus units to make sure that everyone gets what they need and that all is running smoothly.

She began her career with the U of I in December 2012 as a Business Administrative Associate in the Purchasing Department.

“When approached about this opportunity I was excited to participate and lend any knowledge that I have with regard to contracts and purchasing,” she said.

She jumped in right away to help with the April 2015 deal to purchase a large quantity of 30% recycled content paper from Office Max to be distributed through Facilities & Services.

She sees the increased cost of “green” products as a barrier, but she believes that the University can partner with vendors that have the same initiatives to preserve the environment.

The U of I is seen as the leader within the State University System, she points out, and people take pride in being recognized as the leader on these types of initiatives. To boost that pride, she sees a need to educate campus students, faculty and staff about the importance of the University’s environmental goals

“They need to know that even the smallest of changes can have large returns,” she said.

Marcy has two small children who inspire her to be more “green.”

“I want to do my part to preserve the natural resources that we have for theirs and others futures,” she said.


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