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Monday, February 13 4:15pm – 4:45 pm

Room 240, National Soybean Research Center (1101 W. Peabody Dr., Urbana)

— Learn to navigate the web of consequences, trade-offs, feedbacks, and barriers behind every environmental challenge!
— Develop the skills of teamwork, broad perspective, and networking ability employers are looking for!

The Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Fellows Program (SEE FP) is a Minor Degree program open to all undergrads at UIUC. Through a series of five courses, students will learn the skills they need to become earth-minded global leaders who understand the interdependence and interconnectedness among our societies, our environment, and ourselves.

This info session will walk you through the basic requirements of the Minor (what classes are included in the curriculum, what semesters they are offered, etc.) and let you ask questions to students who are currently enrolled. We’ll also give you tips for a successful program application.

All applications for enrollment in the Sustaianbility Minor (SEE FP) are due at 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 1.


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National Soybean Research Center Room 240

1101 W. Peabody Dr., Urbana, IL