may, 2019

01may1:00 am03(may 3)1:00 am4th Annual Crops in silico Symposium & Hackathon

Event Details

Symposium and Workshop: Expanding the Framework

The Symposium will broadly highlight advancements in plant biology gained from modeling, big data collection and analysis, and computation. The goal of the Symposium is to explore the interests and needs of the plant and computer science communities for building virtual crops. The accompanying workshop provides an opportunity engagement and collaboration.

Hackathon: Lowering the Barriers to Model Integration

To build on the success of the Hackathon last year, we include another one that will further lower the barriers to collaborate on model integration within the Crops in silico community.
The Hackathon will consist of short tutorials alternating with practical exercise that will guide participants through model integration using the Crops in silico framework, which enables communication, orchestration, and transformation.
Computer programmers, software developers, interface designers and plant biologists will work side-by-side during this hands-on event. Only basic knowledge of coding and version control will be necessary.


1 (Wednesday) 1:00 am - 3 (Friday) 1:00 am


National Center for Supercomputing Applications

1205 W Clark St, Urbana, IL 61801


and Environment (iSEE)