Department of Communication is Certified Green

Department of Communication is Certified Green

While the Fall 2020 semester might look a little different, University of Illinois offices are still making it their mission to go green. 

iSEE designed the Certified Green Office Program (CGOP) to give employees the opportunity to set an example for students by taking environmental action at work. To increase sustainability, offices can adopt simple, inexpensive actions spanning from carpooling with coworkers to recycling ink cartridges and batteries.

The Department of Communication office, initially certified gold in 2018, has re-certified in 2020 and is now the second office to reach gold certification this fall. Read more about the first office to gold-certify this year

The Department of Communication is operating virtually this semester but plans to continue to make sustainable changes.

Communications staff members worked on conserving energy in their office by turning off lights when they aren’t in use, offering vegetarian options at events, and using recycled paper. 

When I started working at the Department of Communication a year and half ago, I was immediately impressed with their conservation efforts… I was happy to become the ambassador for the green office program and see what other changes I could make to help our office become more sustainable,” said Colleen Kling, Office Support Associate.

Despite office members working from home — and in-person events being on hold this semester — the department plans to work with vendors and caterers that offer reusable items to further reduce waste at future events. 

Even if you are working remotely, there are ways to green-certify your office safely and effectively! In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, iSEE now conducts all communications with offices via email, no longer requires office visits, and recognizes certified offices at virtual events.

Visit our iSEE Certified Green Office Program page to learn more and get certified!

— Story and photos by iSEE Communications Intern Samantha Roberson