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Water and Stormwater

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The Water and Stormwater SWATeam is examining the Illinois Climate Action Plan goals and accomplishments in this theme.

Two goals are listed for campus water use: 1) reduce annual potable water use by 25% by FY20; and 2) capture and reuse 25% of campus stormwater by FY20.

Stormwater is the “new frontier” in water sustainability. Rather than discharge this water (along with any pollutants it is carrying) to the Boneyard Creek, stormwater could be used for irrigation across campus acreage, freeing up potable water for other campus uses. Campus will undertake a number of studies and pilot projects to better understand its water usage and plan for smarter consumption.

SWATeams report annually on progress made toward Illinois Climate Action Plan objectives in their area of focus. Click to view the Water and Stormwater team’s poster from the Oct. 25, 2018, Campus Sustainability Celebration.


Current Team Members
  • Faculty: Art Schmidt (Chair), Research Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2015-) (Email) Read more about Art >>>
  • Faculty: Rabin Bhattarai, Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (2015-)
  • Staff: Keith Erickson, Facilities & Services Associate Director of Utilities and Energy (2014-) Read more about Keith >>>
  • Staff: Nandakishore Rajagopalan, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center Associate Director for Applied Research (2014-) Read more about Kishore >>>
  • Student: Bridget Flynn, Undergraduate in Finance (2018-) Read more about Bridget >>>
  • Student: Claire Samojedny, Undergraduate in Civil Engineering (2019-)
  • SWATeam Clerk: Colleen Williams, Undergraduate in Agricultural and Biological Engineering (2017-) (Email) Read more about Colleen >>>


Retired Members

  • Lauren Excell, Undergraduate in Civil Engineering (2016-18) Read more about Lauren >>>
  • John Berens, M.S. Candidate in Civil Engineering (2015-18)
  • Stephanie Cash, student clerk in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2016-17)
  • Francisco Sobral, student in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2016)
  • Amy Liu, student in Urban and Regional Planning (2015-16) Read more about Amy >>>
  • Scott Douglas, student in Landscape Architecture (2015-16) Read more about Scott >>>
  • Carley Meeks, student clerk in Crop Sciences (2015-16) Read more about Carley >>>
  • Lance Schideman, Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (2014-16)
  • Mary Pat Mattson, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture (2014-15)
  • Lance Langer, student (2014-15) Read more about Lance >>>
  • Danielle Thayer, student clerk (2014-15)


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More on campus efforts related to water and stormwater

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The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) is doing the Billion Gallon Water Challenge,  with a goal of conserving a billion gallons of water in Illinois. ISTC seeks to help industry, business, communities and citizens with water conservation measures. The Center also is funding water conservation projects. Check out more here.