Meet Alex Dzurick

dzurickAlex Dzurick is a graduate student studying education policy, organization, and leadership in the College of Education. Before coming to the Illinois campus as a graduate student, he worked for a utility company in Missouri for more than two years, where he coordinated education and outreach efforts relating to energy efficiency.

“When I found out that I could help plan similar efforts for my new home here on campus, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance!” he said.

Now as a member of the Energy Conservation and Building Standards SWATeam, he is promoting awareness that every member of the University community can “make real differences (with) their energy habits.”

While the university can sometimes feel too big and too complex to tackle, Alex believes that the sustainability movement’s strength lies in the large number of “intelligent, creative, and talented people we have to contribute to our efforts.

“It’s very rewarding to join forces with other folks from campus who share the same passions for energy efficiency that I do to accomplish tasks. I’ve made lots of great connections being on the team,” he said. “The most challenging aspect of it has been establishing a workload and not biting off more than we can chew as a team.”

He encourages all students to use their experience at Illinois to expand their horizons and develop lifelong habits of decision-making and media skills to help solve our environmental problems.

“Sustainability provides a way for us to make changes now that will help to create a future worth looking forward to!” he said.

In addition to the SWATeam, Alex is also a member of the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC), the Illinois Academic Buzzer Team, the Interdisciplinary Graduate Society, and the Graduate Employee Organization. When he’s not working, studying, or serving on campus, he writes quiz bowl questions and moderates at local tournaments. He also coaches high jump for a local track and field club.


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