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In 2009, the University of Illinois completed an extensive visioning process that included input from a diverse set of stakeholders. The resulting document points to Grand Challenges that we will continually address through our sustainability efforts.  Devoted to the following goals, Illinois will become a world leader in creating new knowledge and innovative solutions.

Grand Challenge 1:
Maintain or restore natural ecosystem function while providing essential human services.

Grand Challenge 2:
To sustainably raise the quality of life for the world’s poor to acceptable levels.

Unique Strengths of Illinois
During the visioning process, we saw more clearly our unique position as a campus that has strengths in water programs, agriculture, engineering, business, and information technology, to name a few.  A focus on the food/water/energy nexus emerged from this recognition, along with interest by our campus and community in working at the interface of these issues.

Center for the Advancement of Sustainability Innovations, U.S. Army
The CSE is tasked with expanding the strategic partnership between Illinois and the military around sustainability topics and research initiatives of mutual interest. The basis for the partnership was formalized in 2009 via a MOU with the Center for the Advancement of Sustainability Innovations (CASI) in the Office and the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), and University of Illinois, Board of Trustees via the CSE. The CSE and ERDC-CASI have pursued several areas of collaboration including the Sustainable Innovations seminar series.

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