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Accelerating Green Building Market Transformation with Information Technology

Dr. Chris Pyke, Vice President Research, US Green Building Council




The green building movement seeks to transform the way that built environments are designed, constructed, and operated.  Over the last decade, the tools of this transformation have included market interventions such as professional training and accreditation, project rating systems, and the third-party certification processes.  These interventions have made a demonstrable difference on the industry with levels of participation exceeding 10% of new commercial construction in leading metropolitan areas.  Today, the movement is envisioning the interventions it will need to dramatically scale-up and extend this impact.  The foundation for these new approaches will rest on information technology and analytics – tools that will provide unprecedented insights into market activity and allow near real-time comparison and benchmarking.  These emerging capabilities will create new dimensions for market competition, competitive advantage for high-performing projects, and increasing risks for low-performers.  Taken together, emerging information-focused approaches will accelerate and intensify the movement toward high-performance, green buildings and communities.  Foundational capabilities to search, compare, and benchmark individual and collections of projects are being developed and demonstrated for LEED™ certified projects with Green Building Information Gateway ( platform.

Chris Pyke is part of the Sustainable Innovations Seminar Series which is a collaboration between the University of Illinois and ERDC-CERL-CASI

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