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About the Center

The new Center for a Sustainable Environment (CSE) is now officially established. The Academic Senate had approved establishment of the Center for a Sustainable Environment on December 3, 2012. The formal search process for director of the CSE will start this month.

Both the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) and the Office of Sustainability (OS) have been merged in this new center. Both the ECI and the OS have done outstanding work in the area of environment and sustainability for our campus and their efforts are greatly appreciated. The CSE will build upon the efforts of these two entities.  

Detailed information about accomplishments of the ECI is accessible from the CSE website. We would like you to continue to stay connected to sustainability initiatives and activities on the campus. If you have previously subscribed to the OS Newsletter, you will now receive the CSE Newsletter in its place. If you were previously receiving messages from the ECI, please subscribe to the CSE Newsletter, “like” CSE on Facebook, or follow CSE on Twitter.

The CSE is being supported by the Alvin H. Baum Family Foundation through a generous gift.

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